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Hi, I'm Jenny.

Founder of Little Bundle of Sleep, a GTA-based infant and child sleep consulting service working with children 0-5 years old.

You are probably here because you are searching for ways to improve sleep for your little one, so you can enjoy some much needed rest, or a WARM cup of coffee, or simply CATCH your breath with your feet up – because you deserve this too!  Well, you landed in the right place and I am going to tell you 2 little secrets: Firstly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, every single time your little one is up at night or your toddler is refusing bedtime there are hundreds and I mean hundreds of other families out there going through the exact same thing.  In fact, most parents struggle with sleep.  Secondly, I was once in your shoes and I once thought sleep was never going to get better for our family – BUT with some gentle help along the way, sleep for my family got better – much, much better!

My Story

Being a mom to a little bundle of joy named Marcus is what led me on a journey to become a sleep consultant.   I was once in your place – a tired, exhausted, and frustrated mom who just couldn’t figure out why my precious son, my little bundle of joy was such a horrible sleeper!  I mean he would sleep – but only if he was held during the day and at night he would just cry and I would sob along with him and then again the sobbing would start over my breakfast because I was so exhausted and I just needed a few decent hours of rest. I just wanted to be able to set him down in his bassinet and have him stay asleep for more than 10 minutes at a time!!  Does this sound similar to your story?  I can totally relate and I know how difficult it can be!

After a few months of reading up on sleep myself and trying what felt like a million different ideas, I hired a sleep consultant who helped me make some changes to my sons routine, his sleep environment and the way I was approaching naps, and soon enough, with a lot of patience and consistency on my part my precious son was the perfect little bundle of sleep I had imagined he would be, he was taking long naps and slept well at night with some feedings appropriate to his age.  So began my journey to became a sleep consultant and begin helping families (like yours) get their little bundles of joy to become little bundles of sleep using a variety of science based methods that work!

My love for working with babies and children didn’t begin as a sleep consultant. Studying sleep and child development, actually began for me many years ago with a degree in Psychology, a specialization in developmental psychology, and an honours thesis focusing on infant and maternal interactions.  I am also an elementary school teacher who has been teaching little ones for over 10 years..  I guess this goes without saying, I am passionate about working with children, helping them develop healthy sleep habits as well as their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive well-being. It all goes hand in hand – a well-rested child is a happy child that is ready to play and learn new things, catch up with their friends, and thrive in their development.   I firmly believe in holistic approaches that look at big pictures, explore many avenues and the overall well-being of not just the child but the family.    

In a classroom of 20 students, there is never ever two children who are exactly alike, not even TWINS, so my teaching philosophy applies to my work as a sleep consultant, I seriously believe that no two approaches to sleep can be exactly alike.  I am interested in hearing about your sleep goals and working together with you to create a plan that is going to work for you and your family.  Whether you have a newborn, a baby in the first year of life, a toddler, or a pre-schooler, I can help you improve your family’s sleep using approaches you are totally comfortable with so that you too can get the sleep you deserve to be able to enjoy your family to the fullest potential. 

Spending time with my own family after a good nights sleep is very important to me. Weekend brunches and family barbecues are my favourite!  I also like family visits to parks and going for long walks.  I love everything sunshine and outdoors!  I firmly believe as a mom, it is important to nurture and nourish your own mind, body and soul!  I love sitting by a window or in a coffee shop with a book in one hand and a coffee or tea in the other, pausing and reflecting is important to me! My extended family also keeps me busy with weekend functions, so I know how important it is to be flexible with day sleep, and I will share my secrets with you! 

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